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We carry the most advanced hearing technology in Southwest Florida.

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Hearing Aids

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in Naples and Bonita Springs, FL

At our center for hearing, we offer the most discreet, advanced hearing aids for sale. From Bluetooth hearing aids to rechargeable devices to instruments with artificial intelligence, we carry the latest hearing technology. Our audiologists are experts in all of the major brand’s software and can help you find the perfect device for your hearing needs.

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Hearing Aids

With a variety of sizes and styles, we’ll help you find the right hearing aid for you. We carry the following styles of hearing aids at our Naples and Bonita Springs offices:

RIC hearing aids

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)

RIC hearing aids are reliable and convenient. These have a lightweight feel to them and a flexible fit.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids put you in control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.

CIC hearing aids

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

CIC hearing aids are sleek and subtle. This technology is molded to the unique contours of your ear for a superior fit that offers a natural look and hearing experience.

ITC hearing aids

In-the-Canal (ITC)

ITC hearing aids are discreet and have a glasses-friendly fit with external controls.

ITE hearing aids


ITE hearing aids are custom molded for you. They are powerful and comfortable, allowing for all-day use.

IIC hearing aids

Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC)

IIC hearing aids are the smallest hearing instrument available. These are for people who want ultimate discretion while benefiting from the natural acoustics of the external ear.

Open BTE hearing aids


Open BTE are behind-the-ear devices that have an open fit. This type of hearing aid provides amplification via a small tube inserted into the ear canal.


the Right Fit

Hearing technology today is very different from the old hearing aids you may be picturing. There are many options of hearing aids now available, ranging in size, color, and technology level. The type of technology you need will depend on your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle. We will always tailor our hearing solutions to meet your unique needs. When deciding on a hearing aid, we will first need to distinguish what your degree of hearing loss is. Hearing loss is a range: mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe or profound.

After we’ve determined your degree of hearing loss then we look at your activity level and lifestyle. The more active you are, the higher level of technology you will need. Lifestyles are broken in to a few categories.

Very Quiet: Activity in and around the home, occasional television, and one on one conversations.

Quiet: Some television or radio, visits from friends and family, and quiet shopping outings.

Casual: Watching television, family gatherings, conversation, quiet restaurants, and small business meetings.

Active: A variety of entertainment, different types of restaurants, sporting events, activity outdoors, and a demanding career.

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Featured Technology

Oticon More™

The Oticon MoreTM is a new perspective in hearing care. This hearing aid is designed to work more like the brain does because it learned through experience. Using On-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) the Oticon MoreTM gives the brain more of the information it needs to make sense of sounds, even in the most complex listening environments.

With the Oticon MoreTM you will be able to enjoy, follow, and engage in conversations easier than before. You won’t have to strain to hear anymore, the Oticon MoreTM will do all the work while providing you with crystal clear sound. This hearing aid also features a new amplification system that seamlessly adapts to the sound scenes you spend the most time in. Experience more out of life with the Oticon MoreTM.


Additional features include:

  • 3-hour rechargeable solution
  • New MoreSound Amplifier
  • Direct connectivity to iPhone and Android devices
  • DNN technology to support BrainHearing
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*Compared to Oticon Opn STM, Santurette, et al. 2020. Oticon More clinical evidence. Oticon Whitepaper.

Hearing aid accessories

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At Advanced Hearing Technology, we carry a large selection of accessories to further enhance your listening experience. From captioned telephones to mobile apps to Bluetooth connective devices, we carry additional products to help you truly experience better hearing.

Captioned telephones

Captioned telephones will ensure you never miss another word. As you’re speaking with an individual on the phone, the screen will display their words using voice recognition technology. The CaptionCall service and phone is free for those that have a signed certification from a hearing care professional.
Captioned telephones

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are downloaded onto your smartphone and connect to your hearing aids. These allow you to discreetly adjust your volume, track your listening environments, and change programs from the palm of your hand.

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SurfLink devices allow you to control various wireless options that are connected to compatible hearing aids. We offer:

  • SurfLink Media
  • SurfLink Mobile
  • SurfLink Programmer
  • SurfLink Remote
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