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Muffled hearing can be caused by a couple of things. Hearing loss makes sounds seem muffled or unclear. Muffled hearing can also be the result of impacted earwax or clogged ears. When earwax builds up inside the ear canal, it can make sounds unclear. If your hearing is muffled, contact us immediately for a hearing evaluation. Whether due to hearing loss or earwax, our audiologists can help you hear clearly again.

You may have read online or heard from a friend that ear candling is an effective way to remove earwax. However, that is not true. Ear candling can be dangerous as hot wax can drip into your ear canal, causing burns. You should never stick anything inside your ears or use candles to remove earwax. Our audiologists can safely and quickly remove earwax in our offices.

Selective hearing is the ability to listen to a single speaker while in a crowded or loud environment. This is also referred to as the “cocktail party effect.” Selective hearing happens due to the way the brain prioritizes sounds. This can make being in crowded environments difficult because you may not hear other information if your hearing and brain are not prioritizing it.

Yes, tinnitus can be genetic. Specifically, tinnitus in both ears, is often hereditary.

Tinnitus can be caused by many factors, including stress, loud noise exposure, hearing loss, head or ear trauma, Meniere’s disease, or certain medications. There are many medicines that can be damaging to your hearing. In fact, there are certain blood medications that can cause tinnitus. No matter what caused your tinnitus, our audiologists take a holistic approach and can help you experience relief.

Hearing loss can feel overwhelming and socially isolating. If you suspect a loved one could benefit from hearing aids, its important to be patient with them. Encourage them to have their hearing tested and offer to go with them. You can also emphasize the benefits of wearing hearing aids, such as better communication, more confidence and energy, and a healthier body overall.

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